The military taught us values; we bring them to your plate.

Veteran raised meats delivered to your door.

The Best Steak

“KC Cattle Company is the best steak I’ve ever cooked at home. So much so that I don’t even order steak at restaurants anymore. Their brisket is also the best I’ve ever smoked. They have many cuts of meat and each is as good as the last. Even better, it’s run by great people so you know you’re supporting good people who deserve it.”

– Mitchell Schwartz, KC Chiefs Super Bowl Champion



  • Absolute favorite

    “KC Cattle Company is my absolute favorite!! Nothing else compares to their wagyu. My husband makes the best smash burgers with the ground beef. 😋 We’ve tried many other brands, and it’s never the same. They are hands down the best out there!” – Tiffany

  • Great experience

    "I love this company. The quality of the meats, packaging and delivery, personal customer service all make for a great experience. The meats are great and I've enjoyed both the steaks, tenderloin, and the hot dogs and shaved beef. The shaved beef goes so fast at our house, I have to reorder often! Delicious. Thank you.” – Sheryl S.

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Veteran Owned. Veteran Operated.

The beliefs of KC Cattle Company are grounded upon the experiences of its owner.

As a former member of 1st Ranger Battalion, Patrick looks to bring the lessons learned through sweat, blood, and hardship during his time in the military to his practices in agriculture.

Specifically, he looks to bring quality wagyu beef and other proteins like lamb and pork to the very same people and communities he once served as an Army Ranger.

Kansas City Cattle Company’s beef proudly displays the Homegrown by Heroes label. As a veteran owned and operated family run business, we pride ourselves on lacing up our boot straps to deliver protein with a palatable difference right to your doorstep.