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Patrick Montgomery
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Meet Kale Swing our KC Cattle Company Vice President of Sales. You can thank him for the delicious salt addition, along with our awesome swag! He's also the guy behind our social media. We here at KCCC were so thankful when he decided to join our mission and team. Read more about Kale below.
Veteran Staff Member Kale Swing

“There is not one path. There is not even the right path. There is only your path.”

My path has taken me several different directions throughout the years but has ultimately guided me to a company, a career, and a culture that represents exactly what I desire for my family and me. After graduating high school in St. Joseph, Missouri I attended Missouri Western State University. Shortly after, I attended professional dive school where I became very intrigued with joining the military as several of my dive school classmates had been previously involved in the special operations communities, CIA, and FBI. With the current Global War on Terror occurring I felt obligated to do my part and serve my country. At that point, the decision was made so I enlisted Active Duty in the United States Navy. I spent my entire time in the small boat riverine community where I belonged to a 50-man detachment broken up into roughly 7-8-man boat crews. Our primary mission was to train and execute combat missions on the rivers and some open water in support of the Global War on Terror. The mission set and required mentality of the job, established bonds within my detachment and boat crew that remain strong to this day. 

Following my time in the Navy I moved back home to St. Joseph, Missouri and married my best friend and childhood crush, Lindsay. I found myself searching for a new mission and opportunity to continue serving in a new capacity. I decided to attend a local law enforcement academy and quickly landed a position with the North Kansas City Police Department. After a short time of being a patrol officer on the road I tried out for the SWAT team and earned a spot in the stack. I handled duties from entry man, specialty munitions, arrest team, and perimeter support. After a couple of years on the team I was given the opportunity, along with several other tactical officers in the Kansas City Metro Area to stand up a Counter Terrorism training program for response to any foreign or domestic terrorism attack in the Kansas City Metro Area. In midst of helping to establish this program and training officers across the area in proper response tactics and technique I also was handling the role of an Investigator for the department. But now, let us look at what connects me to KC Cattle Company…

A short time after Patrick started the company in 2016, I was made aware of his venture by my wife. We began purchasing Wagyu beef from KC Cattle Company for boat crew reunions, SWAT Team gifts, and for our own eating pleasure. Through this I was able to establish a friendship with Patrick that mimicked that of the friendships I developed in the service. In August 2019 I was at the ranch speaking with Patrick, ironically on the same day as the “Hot Dog Event” which marked the company’s overnight success. This success was going to require more assistance at the ranch, so Patrick offered me the opportunity to join his “fire” team. I was currently not at a stage of looking for alternative work or a different job but “nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”. The fact was, that since I met Patrick and began supporting his company, I believed in his mission. And frankly, I wanted to be a part of it. So, after discussing the career change with Lindsay, my two boys, and my teammates at the department, it was clear as to what decision needed to be made, so I made it. 

I still believe in fighting the bad guys, standing up for what is right, and doing what is best for our country, but I also believe in opportunities that support a new mission. This is that new mission…this is my path.

Kale Veteran Staff Member


  • Eric Simmons

    Wanted to follow up on my post to Kale’s blog. The steak seasoning was delivered on time and as promised by Kale. Thank you again for your help, as well as your service!

    Eric Simmons
    CPO, USCG, retired.

  • Eric Simmons, CPO, USCG, ret.

    Good morning. Opened our 2nd order from KCC. Our first one was a gift from my mother-in-law. Just wow! Fantastic products. So, had to put in a requisition for more. Had a minor FUBAR as the seasoning we ordered didn’t come with our latest order. One quick phone call and Kale was all over it. Very professional and eager to correct the issue immediately. Bravo Zulu to Kale and the rest of the veteran crew at KCC for putting forth an amazing product. I look forward to ordering again and firing up the grill.

    Semper Paratus,
    Eric Simmons
    CPO, USCG, retired.
    Sonoma County, CA

  • William Quinn

    Super good profile. I don’t order often because It’s just me now but occasionally purchase great cuts of beef and always encourage friends and family to buy form KC Cattle. Thank you for your dedication to country and working for a company that respects and treat their livestock humanely. Best to you and your family. Hank

  • Marianne

    You are the kindest most positive person. Thank you for your service!

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