Wagyu KC Strip Steak

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A Kansas City classic and one of our family favorites!

  • American Wagyu OR Full-Blood 100% Wagyu KC Strip Steaks!
  • Loads of marbling!
  • Steaks cut an inch and a quarter for optimal thickness
  • Superior flavor
  • This thick cut juicy Wagyu steak will knock your socks off!
  • One of our best sellers
  • Some refer to it as a New York Strip, but we're partial to KC around here!
  • Options for 10 - 12 oz, 13 - 16 oz or 16+ oz cuts


Check out this recipe!
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Katie Currid

Customer Reviews

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Amazing customer service and best steaks in KC!


If you are looking for top quality Wagyu beef, you've found it. The steaks are amazing - we've ordered a few times now and the steaks have all been perfect. The Wagyu ground beef is also DELICIOUS and the hot dogs are seriously so good - and that's coming from someone who used to eat hot dogs maybe once a year. I'm telling you, try them! You'll never want any other hot dog again. All of this on top of a veteran-owned company with a really cool mission. I know Wagyu beef can be more expensive, but KC Cattle Co is WORTH IT.


Best steaks you will find in Kansas City!!!! And no matter what, every order should include a pack of hotdogs


I normally don’t do reviews at all, I believe a company should do with that company does and not expect any special treatment from it. But I messed up filling in my address and had to call in to get the address changed. (surprisingly the phone didn’t ring for 10 years before somebody picked up) I ended up talking on the phone with a very helpful guy named Patrick and it was about the easiest thing I’ve had to do all week! From the moment I started putting in my order to the moment I had to fix everything it was fast and simple with no problems other than my own. It was dealt with 10 times better than I expected it to be before I called!!! Can’t wait to cook up the steaks


Best steak i have ever eaten hands down. The brats were so good I immediately ordered 10 more after I ate one. Great company, world class meat.