Wagyu Suadero (Taco Meat)

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Wagyu Suadero, aka Taco Meat or sometimes referred to as Matambre. It is a thin cut of wagyu beef from the intermediate part of the cow. It has a smooth texture and some compare it to a flank steak. 


  • 1 lb package of Suadero Taco Meat
  • Comes cut into thinly cut slices of steak
  • Up your taco game with this delicious new cut!
  • Great for streak tacos & some even suggest frying it.
  • Comes pre-cut for an easy dinner! Simply thaw, season and cook it up!
  • One Wagyu Warrior described it as a middle between ground beef and skirt steak

Customer Reviews

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So juicy and tender!

I chopped up a whole onion and put it in the crock pot on low. Let it cook all day then skimmed the fat and put it in the cast iron skillet with a dash of seasoning. Best tacos ever!! This will be a regular purchase for our household.

William Lamb
Perfect tacos

We used two pounds of this meat along with onion and bell pepper on the griddle. It came out perfect! I want to finish off everything we cooked, but I know I’m gonna rewarm it in the morning for breakfast tacos. Definitely going to be getting more of this every time I think about placing an order.

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