Santa's Sack Holiday Gift Bundle
Wagyu ribeye steak holiday gift
Wagyu KC Cattle Company KC Strip Steak Holiday Gift
Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak KC Cattle Company Foodie Gift
Wagyu Filet Food  Gift from KC Cattle Company
KC Cattle Company World Famous Wagyu Hot Dog Holiday gift
Pork Chop Holiday Gift

Santa's Sack Holiday Gift Bundle

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Have that hard to shop for foodie or meat eater in your life? Maybe just a carnivore meat coinsurer? Fill their freezer and their belly. Santa's Sack covers it all! This holiday Wagyu & Berkshire Pasture Raised Pork Gift Bundle is the gift that keeps on giving! The bundle includes:

  • 1 x Wagyu Ribeye (Retail $59.99)
  • 1 x Wagyu KC Strip (Retail $49.99)
  • 1 x Wagyu Filet (Retail $44.99)
  • 1 x Wagyu Top Sirloin Steak (Retail $24.99)
  • 1 x Wagyu Chuck Eye (Retail $24.99)
  • 1 x Wagyu Skirt Steak – 1-2lbs (Retail $26.50)
  • 1 x Berkshire Pork Chop (Retail $14.99)
  • 5 x Wagyu Ground Beef – 1lb each (Retail 57.50)
  • 2 x World Famous Wagyu Gourmet Hot Dog Package (Retail $31)
  • 2 x Wagyu Regular Summer Sausage (Retail $27)
  • 2 x Wagyu Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage (Retail $27.98)
  • 2 x Wagyu Beef Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwurst Package (Retail $27)

Santa's truly going to have a big fat pack upon his back when this deliciously marbled gift gets delivered!