Chestnuts a’ ROASTing Wagyu Holiday Bundle
Wagyu Top Sirloin Steak with marbling
Pork Bone-In Shoulder Roast -Pasture Raised
Wagyu Holiday Gift Sirloin Tip Roast
Regular Wagyu Summer Sausage
Wagyu Boneless Chuck Roast KC Cattle Co Holiday gift

Chestnuts a’ ROASTing Wagyu Holiday Bundle

Regular price $199.99

Who doesn't love a Wagyu pun on a Christmas Carol? Snag one of our Chestnuts a' ROASTing Holiday bundles that is sure to keep your gift recipient toasty and full this winter! Our Wagyu Chestnuts a' ROASTing Holiday Bundle comes with:

  • 1 x Wagyu Sirloin Tip Roast – 3-4lbs (Retail $39.99)
  • 1 x Wagyu Boneless Chuck Roast – 3-4lbs (Retail $34.99)
  • 1 x Berkshire Pork Shoulder Roast (Retail $19.99)
  • 4 x Wagyu Top Sirloin Steaks (Retail $99.96)
  • 1 x Wagyu Regular Summer Sausage (Retail $12.99)

Perfect for comfy and cozy meals this winter! We know you won't be disappointed with this deliciously marbled and juicy meat bundle!