Wagyu Burger Patties

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  • Wagyu Beef Burgers
  • Includes 3 American Wagyu Beef Patties at 6 oz each 
  • Perfect for the grill or quick and delicious dinners at home
  • Want to elevate your burger game? We highly recommend adding our KC Cattle co Wa-Gyu'd Steak Seasoning to your order! 
  • Don't forget to add all your favorite burger fixings to your grocery list! 
  • NEW VARIANT: Our Full-Blood Wagyu Burger Patties are also 3x6 per pack, however, they are made from 100% Full-Blood Wagyu Beef.


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Katie Currid

Customer Reviews

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Karlton Buisch

These are the best burgers I have ever tasted. The taste is flavorful and the picky eaters in my house loved them. I noticed while grilling the burgers they stayed the 6oz size and did not shrink. I will be ordering more.

Jaci BLinzler

Have ordered and reordered! These are the BEST burger. Nothing can compare! Bought burgers and sliders for Father's Day celebration. Was the 1st time all together in over a year. My family was absolutely drooling over these burgers. Ordered extra so we could leave some at the house for mom & dad to have leftovers...but NOTHING left! Will be our family go to from now on when we get together!
Flavor is amazing, texture is like nothing ever had, love...love...love!

OMG!!!!! Burgers are soooooo delicious

Just received our order on Friday. Kept burgers out for tonight’s dinner. wow…wow….wow! Nice, juicy and FULL OF FLAVOR . Came back to order more and they’re sold out. Not shocked!!! These are damn good burgers!!!!!!!!!

William Thomas
Just order THEM!

Best burgers you can buy! Worth every bit. The flavors can’t be beat. I know when my son eats 2 of these beasts and asks for another they are good. I thought I made good burgers before but these take it to another level.

Abby Pettit
AMAZING! A simply MUST try!

I took a chance with purchasing several of your products because Brent Burns does such a great job marketing products on his Instagram. Well I have to tell you that I have never had a burger so amazing! I couldn't stop eating! I can't even explain how absolutely wonderful the flavor was.

I consider myself a very picky meat eater, and when it comes to burgers, I am extremely fussy, just ask my husband. You knocked it out of the park!! We will forever be fans and continue to purchase from you! We loved it~ amazing job!

Thank you for putting out such a quality product. We also love supporting your cause, thank you for all you do.
Abby Pettit (A new & now lifetime customer)

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