Our Story

The values of Kansas City Cattle Company are grounded in the experiences of its owner, Patrick. 

During his time as a member of 1st Ranger Battalion, Patrick's brother-in-law, Jeremy was killed in action in 2011.  The difficulty in dealing with the loss of Jeremy led to a loss of motivation, purpose, direction and joy for six years. 


Patrick re-found his purpose through his family, helping other veterans and work he could be proud of for the rest of his life.  

The Mission of Kansas City Cattle Company emerged when there was clearly something wrong with agriculture in the United States.  The mistreatment of animals, lack of accountability and the degradation of beef quality were being influenced by "The Big Four" because they could.  Quantity at all costs, even at the quality of the life of animals, was something that needed changed and worth fighting for.  

Kansas City Cattle Company exists to set the benchmark example of the ideals on which our Country was founded.  We exist to exemplify the hard right over an easy wrong.  We exist to embody transparency with our customers.  We exist to build a future worthy of the dreams of our kids.

The quality of the products at KC Cattle are in direct correlation with quality of life of our animals.  We have the best damn steaks you'll ever taste because there is nothing more important to us than the quality of the animal's life.  

We are veteran owned, veteran operated.  We're from Kansas City, Missouri and we raise the best American Wagyu beef you'll ever taste.