Wagyu Tenderloin Filet Mignon

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  • American Wagyu tenderloin filet mignon
  • Available in grades Classified (BMS 4-7) & Top Secret (BMS 8-11)
  • Read more about our grading scale for Classified vs. Top Secret here.
  • The MOST tender cut of beef
  • Excellent marbling for a filet!
  • Enjoy the flavor and tenderness Wagyu is known for!
  • A top selling steak in the Butcher Shop 


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Customer Reviews

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I’m a Vietnam veteran and love supporting veteran owned businesses. I purchased some Fillets for the wife’s birthday, cooked them to a perfect medium rare. The wife and I both thought they were the best steak ever. You could cut them with a fork. I also purchased some KC strips and look forward to trying them. Also picked up some packs of Dogs. Tried them yesterday. Great flavor and I have ate every brand of Dogs out there. These are like a steak on a bun. Great customer service. I called and placed the order and enjoyed the 35 minute drive from Gladstone up to the farm to pick them up. Look forward to dealing with KC Cattle Company in the future. Thanks Guys


I have had Wagyu from numerous companies and nothing comes close to KC Cattle. The product is out of this world good. The best steaks I have had in my life, I have had their filet, ribeye, ground beef, hot dogs and every one of them has been out of this world. The company also provides world class customer service. Can not reccomend them enough


We ordered 2 Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignons and they were delivered next day in KC, a couple of hours early and I grilled them for dinner that night for my wife’s birthday. They were FANTASTIC. The most tender, perfectly delicious ever. Thank you KC Cattle Company for a great experience and what you do as Veteran’s.


I was gifted a gift certificate for my birthday. Ordered a ton of stuff which I have not made yet other than a couple wagyu filets which were fantastic. Really nice marbling, good size and if you pay a little extras in shipping you can get your order guaranteed frozen (which I did). Everything showed up as expected. If those filets are any indication, I'm excited to start cooking the other items I purchased! Will for sure be a return customer.


I have ordered a bunch of steaks and cuts of beef from this company. I have never had such AMAZING steaks cooked at home EVER! This is restaurant quality beef shipped to your door! So far I have grilled the Filet mignon and flank steak... both just phenomenal... you can LITERALLY cut both cuts of steak with a plastic fork and knife. The marbling in the steaks are just beautiful and add to that amazing flavor and tenderness! All you need is a little salt and pepper.. and that’s it. I will only be getting my beef from this company from here on out! And a bonus it’s a veteran based company! Give them a try you will be hooked!

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