Lesson Learned 2020

Lesson Learned 2020

Last year, I often found myself wondering what my children’s children will read about in their history books regarding 2020. Will it be of social upheaval, epidemics, civil unrest and the fraying of our country’s fabric? Will it be the start of something insidious for our country or will it be the precipice to propel the citizens and leadership of this country to change directions to again set the example for the rest of the world? I can not answer any of the questions I present, but I believe they have been omnipresent in my mind and many others this past year.

The culture within the military, and specifically within the special operations community, teaches you an incredibly valuable lesson. Your skin color, who you worship, what you wear, your political beliefs, nor what you have done in your past, are not of any relevance. It is a brotherhood not bound by normal rules or stereotypes. The only thing that matters is the mission to keep a country we all love safe.

This past year reminded me of this life lesson and is something I wish all could experience. It is important to remember the fringes present on social media and the news do not represent the masses. To have differing opinions from someone you call a friend is one of the most beautiful aspects of living in our borders. A person’s beliefs can be evil, but because that person’s beliefs differ from yours does not make them evil. This is the most important lesson I learned in 2020. Tolerance for those who have different beliefs than my own.

I do not believe people are inherently evil nor inherently good. I believe there is a scale in every one of our souls. You wake up everyday and you make decisions that tip the metaphorical scale of good and evil in one direction or the other. Some days you are going to make good choices and other days you are not. If you fail, wake up the next day and try harder.

I thought hard if I was going to write something about the status of KC Cattle Co. or discuss what is written above. KC Cattle Co. had an amazing year thanks to the overwhelming support of our loyal customers. But success feels better when the rest of our country is thriving right by our sides, so writing about my philosophy won out.

I look forward to the opportunities and hurdles in front of us for 2021 and hope those who struggled in 2020 can find some kind solace in the year ahead. We all have the same mission; to make our country and this world a better place. 




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Patrick, this is beautiful and a good choice. It troubles me personally that we are finding out a lot of former military were involved in 1/6 and when I say troubles me it breaks my heart. They could be using their force for good like you are but they are so angry…turbulent times. But it could have been worse. It could always be worse. We are at a social justice and political reckoning and I hope I live long enough to see reconcilliation. The lying has to stop. We need new leadership that will stop lying. It caused an insurrection. And still they don’t man up, own up, take responsibility and move toward unity. Can you imagine someone in the military not taking responsibility? It’s part of your code. I digressed a bit, lol. It’s just so troubling with covid and politics and lies and the economy and discrimination. We’re all Americans first. Sharon

Sharon Pfau

Pat, this last year has been very disturbing for me also, but our country has been through very challenging times that we have endured. As an old man hearing a young mans thoughtful message. Reassures me that our country future will be well. Keep leading the way…

Mike Fedex

I am glad I took the time to read your words, very appropriate and poignant! Each of us makes decisions that reverberate outside of ourselves every day and your words helped recenter my thoughts this morning. Thank you! Keep up the good fight. RLTW!


YES! Thanks for sharing. Together we shall thrive~

Phillip Martin


I found that your words capture the essence of what our country is facing.
We are in need of serious heeling as a nation. How we get there, I’m not sure.
My wife and I do not have children, but I to wonder what our world will be like in 50 years. At our age, we won’t be around to see the outcome.
My hope is for a kinder, more compassionate planet.
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Bob Gamache

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