World Famous Wagyu Gourmet Hot Dogs

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  • Uncured, all beef hot dog
  • 8 Wagyu hot dogs per package
  • Ingredients: Beef, water, and less than 2% of the following: vinegar, carrot fibre and potato starch, salt, paprika, sugar, spices, citrus extract, pomegranate extract, hydrolyzed corn protein, beet powder, garlic and onion powder, rosemary extract, natural spice extractives.

  • No Nitrite added- except what naturally occurs in beet powder. Fully cooked.
  • Nutrition facts per 1 hot dog: 190 calories, 16g of total fat, 6g saturated fat, 0.5g trans fat, 40mg cholesterol, 530mg sodium, 2 carbohydrates, 0g sugar, 10g protein, 179mg potassium
  • We suggest cooking until just warm- do not over cook or char your hot dogs or the delicious Wagyu flavor will cook out
  • Perfect on the grill, cast iron or in the air fryer!
  • Makes a delicious chili dog in the winter!
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Katie Currid

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Beck
Dynamite Hot Dogs

Incredible hot dogs. Best I’ve ever had. Just wish they were in retail stores in the KC metro but will drive or order online to get ‘em any time. Must try!


I love this hot dog. The taste is amazing. Very unique. I don't love the saturated fat content. Make sure you plan a run to counteract the damage the hot dog will do to your heart.

Gerry T.

I ordered as many hot dogs that could fit in my freezer since these tend to sell out quicker. I want that delicious hot dog for lunch with a reliable supply on-hand. Super easy for a lazy non-cook: 30sec in the microwave with a hotdog in a bun and I'm good to go! I love supporting local vet-owned/operated businesses who have an amazing quality product, it's a win-win. From a health perspective it's an uncured all-beef hot dog (less chance for carcinogenic nitrosamines) with nutritional stats within acceptable daily allowance tolerances.

Great company & product

Great tasting hot dogs. Super fast shipping. Love the origin story behind their founding.

Jaci BLinzler
Hot Dogs! YUM!

Hot dogs are long as you don't over cook! I like them grill-charred and the first package was way over cooked. Learned my lesson and cooked them a little less. They are GREAT boiled in water for a little bit then just on the grill for a few minutes! YUM!
My daughter who wound NOT eat a hot dog loves these! That a TRUE testament!