Wagyu Beef Ranch Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness on the Ranch


By definition, RESOURCEFULNESS, means the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties combined with the use of available resources to solve problems.

With us being a small, but growing, company it is imperative we find ways to solve problems around the ranch that not only satisfy our needs, but mitigate excess spending. Granted, this is not always possible, but we do our best to embody this attitude. It helps that all our years of combined military service add to our ability to be resourceful through several different personal experiences.

This resourcefulness links to our usage, repeatedly, of the cardboard boxes that a lot of our product and supplies come in to carry product for our Friday local deliveries. To our using of pallets for building a makeshift storm shelter for our Portable Generator during the extreme winter conditions we experienced this year, and a stand up desk here.

Wagyu ranch resourcefulness

How do we solve the problem of a customer forgetting to leave a cooler outside on Local Delivery Day?...We take our top-of-the-line cooler liners with us and extra gel packs on every delivery so your Wagyu & Berkshire Pork product does not even stand a chance of thawing before making it into your mitts. What about product that does not meet our quality control standards or has damaged packaging?...Well, we use that product to conduct shipping experiments with different levels of coolant to ensure that no matter the current weather conditions our product arrives in the condition our customers are pleased with.

These are just a few ways that we exercise resourcefulness around the ranch to effectively solve problems and improve our processes.

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I love this photo and the resourcefulness and repurposing of the pallet. It makes me very happy to know that I am buying from a company who is not wasteful and is giving back to others and even to mother nature.


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