Kansas City Strip Steak wagyu

KC Strip Steak Wagyu Beef Breakdown

Kansas City Strip Steak Breakdown

This beef breakdown doubles as a history lesson. What's the difference between the Kansas City Strip and the New York Strip? The answer is NOTHING. But which is the true original name of the cut? That would be the Kansas City Strip. In the early 1930's, restaurants in New York City decided they didn't want to sell a fancy steak named after a city where the stockyards were located so they named it after their city.
You may still be wondering where the "strip" part of the name came from. the Strip Steak comes from the Short Loin Primal, which is below the backbone and home to some of the most tender cuts of beef. The KC Strip Steak is cut from the topmost section of the sirloin, the longissimus, which is a long muscle taking on a strip like shape. The longissimus is a rarely-used area of muscle making this Wagyu Steak tender, juicy, exceptionally tasty and well marbled! 
Fun fact: The Kansas City Strip is my favorite cut we sell... and I've tried them all! Shop Wagyu Strip Steaks here! 
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