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Skillet Hangar Steak w/ Red Wine Sauce

Start by mixing the Soy Sauce, Dijon, Rosemary, garlic, and Olive Oil in a small bowl. Most hangar steaks come with a piece of seam fat connecting the two sides. It should be easy to find and cut this connective tissue. If you are having issues finding where to cut. Do a quick google search. Plenty of diagrams out there explaining it!

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The Good I See in America

Finally, I remember the day we buried Jeremy. Exiting the vehicle at the funeral home that day, I was shaking slightly at the thought of the eulogy I was giving later looming over my head. I entered the funeral home from a back entrance and began to rehearse with the other pallbearers. When Jeremy's remains exited the funeral home carried by six, I remember being taken back by the beauty of what I was seeing. Hundreds of people quietly mourning the loss of a hero. The sunshine peeking through the trees shining on American flags placed strategically up and down the street. My sister standing there with Jeremy's six-month-old son. Her tears silently ran down her face as her son...

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The Japanese are renowned for many contributions to modern society. Toyota, Sony, Honda Motors, Nikon, Nintendo, and PlayStation are just a few you have probably used in your lifetime, but if you look back further a few hundred years you’ll find a Japanese influence that we at KC Cattle Company are most thankful for. That’s right, you guessed it, Wagyu beef.

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