Wagyu Chuck Plate Short Ribs

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  • American Wagyu Short Ribs Chuck Half Plates
  • A very savory, marbled cut of beef
  • Incredible cut for the smoker or for slow cooking
  • Bone-In for added health benefits
  • Plates are cut in half and are are typically between 1.75-2.5 lbs per pack


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Katie Currid

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic ribs, smoked fantastic and are a good size.

innis nelson
Amazing short ribs, but too small for smoker

Only gave them 2 stars though b/c no full plates available. Half plates cook too fast for smoking. So Yay to meat, Nay to cut decision! You need more volume of meat to get the bark-to-tenderness ratio correct. When they're this small, half plates individual ribs or country style, you either get bark right and meat is over cooked or meat right but bark not right. BRING BACK THE FULL PLATES PLEASE KCCC! Michael Pratt's beautiful pics are from a full plate fwiw!

Hey Innis!

Appreciate the time to leave a review! We get it. We used to do full plate dino short ribs. We got a ton of complaints because of the fat to meat ratio. These are cut from the chuck short plate. Giving it a better meat to fat ratio. Unfortunately, we can't make everyone happy!


Michael Pratt
Fortunate to Have Found These

I was born and raised in Texas, yet live just outside DC. I wanted some Texas dino-ribs - and these fit the bill. I threw them on a Yoder Cheyenne and treated them like a brisket, wrapped in butcher paper at 165 and cooked to temperature and tenderness. All-in-all I think it took 5-6 hours max. Great beefy flavor, great bark and perfect presentation - I also saved the bones for smoked beef stock.

Please don't purchase, or at least save me a few racks a year.

Tracy Collado
My new favorite

I purchased this cut because I wanted to bump up my order to get the free shipping. Great decision. I've never smoked this before and I decided to cook it on my Pit Barrel Cooker. It turned out so good, it was like the perfect union of the flat and point meat on a brisket. This will be my go-to meat when I want to impress people. Great cut and quality. Thank you.

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