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KC Cattle Company

Wagyu Beef Brisket

Wagyu Beef Brisket

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  • American Wagyu Beef Brisket
  • Excellent marbling
  • Whole packer! Includes point and flat!
  • Protective layer of fat for cooking
  • Our Wagyu briskets typically range typically from 9-15lbs
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  • Where is the brisket on a cow?
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Customer service

I ordered a brisket and some beef ribs for Hanukkah as my wife is Jewish. After a week-2 weeks hadn't received order. Emailed and explained that I hadn't received order and needed it for a Hanukkah dinner in two days.
Got a reply from Pat who gave me 2 options. Refund my money or he would send it overnight at K.C's expense. I was overwhelmed with Pat's offer I couldn'tbelieve it. So, Pat sent it overnight at their expense! I was so grateful, that my wife's small family and i would have a great meal just as we had hoped for. I have never experienced customer service like this. I know that K.C. had to have lost money on my order.
So Pat and all of you at K.C., thank you, thank you, you will have my business for life!!! Brisket is cooking as I write this, smells heavenly!
Everybody tell your family and friends what a fantastic company this is!

Matthew Peden
Best brisket I have ever made.

This was hands down the best brisket I have ever bought. They even sent me a free bag of shrimp to make up for a shipping delay. Great company and amazing meat.

Vacuum seal

Luckily I went to the freezer and seen that the brisket was no longer vacuum sealed and had to thaw it and smoke before I wanted to but it did turn out very good. It was not freezer burnt. The plastic had a hole in it. Which I did not do....


Was amazing would recommend to anyone!!


Super shipping and communication. Looks beautiful