Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

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  • Now Sold as 1 Chuck Eye Steak Per Pack
  • Delicious beefy American Wagyu flavor
  • Our most affordable steak- similar taste profile to a ribeye, but the chuck eye is more reasonably priced 
  • Tons of marbling for a melt in your mouth steak eating experience 
  • The average weight per steak is around 8 ounces

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Katie Currid

Customer Reviews

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The chuck eye is an unbelievable steak and a great value!

David Ferguson
I don't want to tell you how good these are! If you knew, they would always be sold out.

This is the way to make a Wagyu Ribeye affordable and a better portion size. I have tried other companies chuck eye Wagyu and they obviously did not know what a "chuck eye steak" was. This is not a small chuck steak. It is exactly the right cut and is the value conscience person's small ribeye. Prepare the same way you would a Ribeye, remember it's Wagyu and feed folks who want anything more than Medium rare a hamburger instead!

Jessica Jackson
Worth it!

Ordered for my birthday. Received in 2 days frozen solid. Excellent quality! KC Cattle Company is now my go to!!


KC Cattle company steaks are FANTASTIC--do your self a favor and splurge to give them a try. Perfect for Father's day--or any day for that matter!