Collection: Berkshire Pork

Processed and sourced local by Paradise Locker Meats. Paradise is well known for their quality and attention to detail. Check out their description below about their fantastic line of Fantasma's Pork.

Fantasma's Finest Pork Program - Fantasma's Finest pork comes from local farms, that are raised outdoors, and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.  They are Berkshire breed that are not normally found in the commodity market because of the extra care in handling, breeding, and feeding that is required to produce a much higher quality pork.  We process the hogs on site, cut and freeze the cuts immediately in cryovac packaging to preserve the optimum freshness of each cut. As many of our barbeque competition customers, home cooks, and chefs all across the country have found out, you will notice a difference in our pork.