Where do you ship?

All 50 states and Canada!

How much does shipping cost? Do you have a free shipping option?

We proudly ship all of our packages with UPS. We do have a free shipping option. See below for our flat rate shipping breakdown:

  • (Orders of $100 - $399.99) $8.99 Flat Rate Ground Service (1-3 day once shipped)
  • (Orders of $400+) Free Ground Service (1-3 day once shipped)
  • $34.99 2-Day Air Express - Guaranteed Frozen (2 days)
  • $69.99 Next-Day Air (1 day)

For Alaska and Hawaii, we can only offer a flat rate $100 shipping charge for 2nd Day Air service. Canada orders will be a calculated rate based on duties, taxes and shipping to your location. 

How are your shipping prices determined? 

We are shipping a perishable good, involving dry ice, so our average shipping cost is $36. An average of $27 to ship and an average of $9 for the box, the cooler liner, the dry ice, and the frozen gel packs. Because we are a small company, we do not receive the savings that larger companies receive from the big shipping companies.

Why would I pay extra for 2-Day Air Express or Next Day Air?

Our packaging has been tested for upwards of 72-96 hours and never surpassed an internal temperature of 40 degrees F. That being said, product may start to partially thaw after the 48 hours mark. If you want to guarantee your product arrives frozen solid, especially to our East & West Coast & Warmer states, the premium shipping options may be for you. 

Another perk is if our small staff has an overwhelming number of orders to fulfill, 2-Day Air Express and Next Day Air will prioritize your order to the front of the list to guarantee your order will arrive on time for your event. 


  • Next Day Air can only be shipped Monday-Thursday and 2-Day Air Express can only be shipped Monday-Wednesday. 
  • The lower 48 States that typically take 3-days to ship with UPS Ground typically include, but are not limited to - WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, MT, WY, UT, AZ, FL, WV, NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT, NH, ME.

How does your local delivery work?
If you live in one of the qualifying 157 zip codes in the KC area, we deliver qualifying orders (over $100) to your door every Friday. After you type in your address on the checkout page, a shipping method of “Local Delivery” will populate (if your order is over $100). You will be charged $5 for local delivery. We ask you to please leave out a cooler (with ice or ice packs in the warm months) or have someone home to accept your order. This will help us cut down on packaging waste and cost, allowing us to continue to offer local KC delivery to the KC metro!  Once selected, your order will get dropped off at your door the next Friday. Orders placed after 3pm on Thursday will be delivered the following Friday. Delivery hours range from 8am – 8pm, but typically are finished before 2pm outside of holiday weekends. 

Do you have a retail location?
We do! Come visit us at 110 Main Street Parkville, MO. You can see specifics on the retail location here

What is Wagyu?
Wagyu beef is a breed of cattle known for their abundant intramuscular fat. This equates to marbling, which equates to delicious beef. Our cattle are raised on green pastures and given free choice to a corn-based ration to maximize marbling. We believe happy animals make the best finished product!
Find out more here

Why is Wagyu more expensive than other types of beef?
This is for two reasons. First, the animals are much more expensive to buy than commodity beef. Second, our animals are on feed for three times longer than traditional breeds. More feed equals a lot more money! We strive to keep our prices very competitive compared to other equal Wagyu websites.

What is the difference between Classified and Top Secret Grades?

Classified: Cuts will be rated BMS 4-7. These cuts will have significantly more marbling than what you would find in a store bought Prime steak. If you've ordered from us before there is a good chance your steak, brisket or tri tip fell somewhere on the classified scale.

Top Secret: Cuts will be rated BMS 7-11. These cuts will have exceptional marbling and will be our inventory that goes above and beyond what we typically see in the Butcher Shop. 

You can learn more about our beef grading here.

How do I know when my package will ship?
UPS has different zones for shipping based on our Missouri location. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, it can take either 2 days or 3 days for the order to get to you. Certain areas of the country do not have Saturday delivery and UPS does not deliver on Sunday, so those orders may wait to ship until the following Monday. If you are in a bind and need Wagyu beef stat, or want to guarantee it arrives frozen, you can always choose our expedited shipping services. 

Is my product safe to refreeze when it arrives? 

Yes! Even if the product arrives slight thawed it is perfectly safe to freeze. We recommend our product freeze no longer than 6 months. 

How long is my product safe in the refrigerator before eating?

Because our product is vacuum sealed it will be good for up up to 7 days. Hot Dogs, Brats and Summer Sausage are last between 30-60 days. 

I want a certain cut of beef you do not have on your website. Can I order it?
Yes, reach out to us via email or phone to ask for more info on receiving special cuts. Lead time ranges from 4 – 6 weeks.

I want to try a new cut, but I’m unsure of a recipe. Any tips?
Check out our Wagyu Recipes tab or reach out to us! We only carry cuts we like to eat, so most of the times we have delicious recipes! We are always working on making more videos and putting more recipes on the website.

How do subscriptions work?

You can now subscribe to certain cuts in the Butcher Shop to automatically save 5%. Subscriptions can be set at a cadence of every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. These orders will most likely ship on Tuesdays to avoid spoilage in transit. 

You can also subscribe to our Subscription boxes for savings up to 15% off! These boxes can also be delivered on a cadence of every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. The contents of the box will change on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Boxes will typically ship on Tuesdays to avoid spoilage in transit.

How can you access your subscriptions? 

You can sign in to your account here or by going to www.kccattlecompany.com and following the below:

Desktop- Clicking your "name" on "log in/create an account" the top right

Mobile- Opening the menu and clicking "Account",

You should see an option for “Manage Subscriptions”

Have any issues? You can always email us a contactus@kccattlecompany.com

What is KC Cattle Company’s return policy?
Our return policy can be viewed here