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KC Cattle Company

Wagyu Beef Chorizo

Wagyu Beef Chorizo

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We've been cooking up something NEW here at KC Cattle Company...and it looks like you found it! Our Wagyu Chorizo is here! This is 100% Wagyu Beef Chorizo, which means it is fatty. Wagyu is known for it's marbling after all... that marbling/fat makes for the perfect oil to fry up tortillas, potatoes, eggs, etc. in when cooking. We suggest saving the rendered fat in the refrigerator for sautéing fajita veggies in, frying tortillas for taco night and more!  

  • 1 lb of Wagyu Chorizo
  • Perfect for tacos, breakfast, queso & more
  • Locally made here just outside of Kansas City
  • Has a little bit of a kick to it, perfect for adding some spice to any recipe!
  • Don't forget to use the left over oil for frying tortillas, sautéing vegetables or cooking up some other type of deliciousness! 
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