KC Cattle Company's First Wagyu Cows

The Start of Kansas City Cattle Company told by the Rancher's Wife

While Patrick and I may have slightly different versions of the beginning stages of KC Cattle Company, it all started as a small dream that would eventually turn into something much bigger than I think either of us ever imaged. As Patrick's time in the military was coming to a close and he was debating his next move, I challenged him to think of things he loved. I remember he came to the conclusion he loved hunting down "bad guys" and he loved animals. With the 1st door coming to a close he began to explore the 2nd. He moved back to Columbia, Missouri to finish up his undergrad at the University of Missouri in Animal Science to become a vet. I eventually followed him down there after landing a job in advertising, and worked while he worked on his degree and as a vet tech. We got married and moved into our first home, and as graduation neared Pat started to feel a strong pull that his initial goal of Vet School just wasn't quite right. While he loved his animal science classes, he didn't love his job working at a local vet clinic. A desire to work with large animals had planted a seed in his mind.

I'll never forget the day he pitched me on the concept of KC Cattle Company. I had since transitioned to a new role in digital advertising and was enjoying it. Other than his experience in his Animal Science degree, and my 3 jobs post graduation, we didn't really know much about raising cattle or starting a business. We were both suburban raised kids, but I had always joked about wanting to live on land so I thought why not give it a go? Patrick continued working on his animal science degree and added some business classes to the mix. He worked hard soaking up all he could about how to care for cattle, what to feed them, what kind of land we would need, what paper work we needed to complete, how to run a business, etc. I continued to learn what I could about advertising and marketing and did my best to help him where I could.

Fast forward to our first summer in a new house with a small fenced in backyard. Pat loaded up one weekend to head to the Springfield, MO area to go to a Wagyu cattle auction. I joked with him before he went to be sure to not buy any cows because I didn't think the HOA would allow us to put them in the backyard. We laughed and he headed out. Well the joke was on me. I got a call later that day from him to inform me he had bought not one, but two cows. A first time heifer and her bull calf. Lady and her calf still live on the farm to this day, and she has proved to be our most protective mama. She takes her calves very seriously!

KC Cattle Company first Wagyu Heifer and Bull Calf


From there KC Cattle Company moved forward. We sat with a poster board from the Dollar Store and dreamed up the name, we hired a sorority sister of mine to do our first round of logos, and we found a piece of property to lease from a family member who wanted to own a cattle farm again after growing up on one. The pieces fell together truly because God always seems to find a way. Whenever the going gets tough or the path ahead seems unattainable he finds a way. KC Cattle Company was founded and is still run through blood, sweat, prayers, faith and a whole lot of help and mentorship from those we've met along the way. We wouldn't be here today without the support of our families, friends and many business mentors and leaders, to which we are forever grateful. We fully intend to keep paying their kindness forward.

KC Cattle Co Wagyu Cow
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Love your story. Congratulations on the success of your marriage and your business. “God always seems to find a way.”

I. Scott Renneisen

Love your story. Congratulations on the success of your marriage and your business. “God always seems to find a way.”

I. Scott Renneisen

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