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KC Cattle Company

Fantasma's Berkshire Pork Bone-In Shoulder Roast

Fantasma's Berkshire Pork Bone-In Shoulder Roast

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These picnic shoulder roasts have a great leaner muscle tissue and great fat cap! Cut from local, pasture raised Berkshire hogs, they make a wonderfully delicious crock pot pork roast or throw it on the smoker for some leaner pulled pork!
  • Pasture Raised
  • Antibiotic free
  • Raised local to Kansas City by farmers who care about their product
  • $6.25 /lb
  • 3-4 lb average
  • 1 per pack 
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Customer Reviews

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Susan Patterson
Smoker perfect

We put two of these over charcoal for hours after rubbing one with Memphis Rendezvous the other with Penzey's Barbecue 3000. Rendezvous was the winner but the roasts...! Heaven! We could have devoured every speck of this meat, licked our fingers cleaned & begged for more! Absolutely recommended without reservation!!!