20 Facts About KC Cattle Company

20 Facts About KC Cattle Company

1.We are Veteran owned & operated.

2. We believe in hard work, and when the going gets tough pulling yourself up by your boot straps & getting it done.

3. We began selling Wagyu beef in 2017.

4. KC Cattle Company exists to honor owner Patrick's, Brother in-law, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Andrew Katzenberger, 26, KIA June 14, 2011.

5. Patrick was also deployed when Jeremy was KIA and had the highest honor of bringing him back home to Jeremy's wife & son.

6. We recently teamed up with Folds of Honor KC for the Patriots Run after the connection was made with Jeremy's wife, Colleen. You might see our Give Back Ground Beef in the Butcher Shop. You can read more about Colleen's story in this blog.

7. We think Chuck Eyes are the best kept secret in the Butcher Shop.

8. We only sell protein we are confident you can taste a palatable difference in.

9. Wagyu is known for it's marbling and lower melting temperature, 2 things that made us fall in love with the breed of cattle.

10. We bought our first two cows in 2016 when we were still living in a neighborhood with a small fenced in backyard. Thankfully, a dear friend allowed us to keep them at his ranch. I don't think the HOA would have liked cows in our backyard.

11. Our prized bull is named Rambo and he loves getting his nose rubbed & fresh hay bales in the winter.

12. We once had a surprise calf born on the 4th of July. Her name is Liberty.

13. Liberty's Mom is named Lady...get it Lady Liberty. ;)

14. Our cattle are raised on pasture with free range choice non-GMO feed.

15. Our claim to fame is our World Famous Wagyu Hot Dogs.

16. Food&Wine.com said they found a Hot Dog that tasted like steak and the article went viral, helping to make KCCC what it is today!

17. On Friday's you can find us cooking out!

18. Our favorite way to cook a steak is on an open flame, or on what Patrick refers to as Ranger TV.

19. A team motto is "hard right, over easy wrong."

20. If we can ever do something for you, a Veteran or an Active Duty service member we can always be reached at contactus@kccattlecompany.com. Don't be a stranger.

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Awesome to see what you all have built — the meat is unbelievable and the mission is badass. RLTW


Great company. Great mission. Great people. Great meat. You guys are checking all the right boxes! Keep it going!


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