Brisket Beef Breakdown with KC Cattle Company

Kaleigh Montgomery
KC Cattle Company
Wagyu Beef Brisket Breakdown
KC Cattle Co Wagyu Brisket Cut Breakdown

The brisket is one of the primal cuts on beef. It comes from the breast/pectoral area. The brisket can be separated into the point and the flat, but is typically preferred as a "whole packer". This means that the flat and point are still connected on the brisket and cooked/prepared as one cut. This is how we sell our Wagyu briskets here at KC Cattle Company.

The brisket is a heavily used muscle on cattle so it is best cooked "low and slow". The perk with Wagyu beef briskets is that they are loaded with marbling which adds amazing flavor and tenderness to the cut.

Fun fact, we only get (2) briskets back on each of the cattle we process, which is one of the reasons why brisket is a more expensive. Who knew today would turn into a little lesson in supply and demand for our Wagyu beef breakdown this week. 

P.S. Be on the look out for how owner Patrick smokes and prepares his brisket. He made a brisket for our holiday party this past year and lets just say everyone in the room said it was hands down the BEST brisket they had ever tasted! We'll link the recipe here once it's live! Be sure to check out our other Wagyu recipes in the mean time.


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