Chicken has been added to the Butcher Shop!

Chicken has been added to the Butcher Shop!

KC Cattle Company went on the hunt for Chicken with a palatable difference, just like we set out to do with our Wagyu and Berkshire Pork, and we found it! We now carry pasture and Veteran raised chicken from Pasturebird.

Pasturebird was founded after farmer Paul contracted Lyme disease during Sniper Command School in the Marine Corps. After battling health issues and using food as medicine he went on the hunt for nutrient dense, pasture raised chicken and couldn't find it. Upon returning from Iraq, his family ordered 50 chicks to raise in their Southern California backyard, and Pasturebird has only grown from there.

Pasture poultry means the chickens live on pasture with grass, fresh air and sunshine where they are free to roam and forage. This keeps the chicken healthy, and makes them extra delicious! Plus it helps rebuild healthy, regenerative soils. Pasturebirds contain 3X more Omega 3's, 50% more Vitamins A and E, and 3X more NADH and 23% less saturated fat while delivering 4X more ATP.

At Pasturebird every day chickens move onto a new fresh pasture where they are free to enjoy sunshine, bugs, grains and flowers -the way nature intended for chickens to be. We truly believe this not only adds health benefits, but has an incredible impact on the texture and flavor too. We ordered birds from all over the USA for over 2 years searching for a product that met our standards on taste and farming practices. Pasturebird checked all the boxes and blew the competition out of the water when it came to blind taste tests. We are thrilled to add it to the Butcher Shop and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have! 

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