Give Back to Benilde Hall

Give Back to Benilde Hall

Our newest Give Back initiative benefits Benilde Hall's Safe Haven for Veterans. 

The Safe Haven for Veterans program at Benilde Hall provides treatment for homeless veterans. The emergency beds at Benilde Hall provide for veterans whom the KCVA cannot place and who need a safe haven off the street for the night or up to 6 months.

Safe Haven veterans’ housing offers a low-stress, low-demand environment for homeless veterans of U.S. military service. Centrally located in Kansas City, we're partnering with them to help reduce the cost of their meals services. Participants are given 3 meals each day during their stay. With the donation of our beef dollars can go to other services to support Veterans in need for things such as clothing, notebooks, job searches and personal care items. 

Safe Haven housed 77 clients in 2021 and had 5,622 bed nights. 46 of those clients became permanently housed.

Benlide Hall's Safe Haven for Veterans is also currently looking for businesses & companies to partner with for job opportunities for Veterans. If this is something you are interested in please contact them at or 816-842-5836.

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