Give Back to War Horses for Veterans

Give Back to War Horses for Veterans

For the next few months we are partnering with War Horses for Veterans through our Give Back Ground Beef Program. This is not only an organization we've seen impact the lives of Veterans we know personally, but also an organization whose leadership came along side us as we started KC Cattle Company and made the transition post military. We can't say enough good things about the work they are doing. Check out below a little bit more about what War Horses does. I think the testimonials from Veterans and First Responders speak volumes about what War Horses is doing.


Heath- Special Forces Detachment Commander: "WHFSOF explores each participant’s individualistic character from a holistic approach, knowing that if any part of the body, mind, or spirit is off, then they cannot function to their full capabilities. By using thousand-pound animals, WHFSOF cultivates our true abilities to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. If one can learn to connect with such an amazingly powerful animal, one can also successfully use the same skills to connect with people from anywhere in the world.

During my time spent in multiple Special Forces Groups, I can attest that we typically wait until it seems too late to seek help. WHFSOF looks to alleviate that problem by targeting those that are currently serving on active duty as well as veterans. As a commander, I wish I would have known about this program sooner. I believe it has heightened my abilities to lead and it can enable the most stellar Soldiers to operate at an even higher level.

Thank you not only from myself, but also from my family, my Soldiers, my friends, and many others around me."

22yr retired Army: "WHFV has changed my life by helping me find the person I was before the Army. I was lost when I retired."

Army Veteran: "This program saved my life. I am very hopeful about the future."


First Responder: "Being in the ring with the horse and being able to completely let go to get the horse to stop is how I deal with my problems today."

First Responder: "Providing leadership examples to horsemanship was a great way to learn."

A little bit more about War Horses for Veterans

 — Who We Are

Empowerment. The organization is both a reset and skill tune-up for performance optimization that is adaptable at many levels promoting holistic mental and physical wellness. 

— War Horses Mission

Our mission at WHFV is to equip veterans, first responders and others for success by using reflection and personal growth. Our goal is to help veterans and first responders who experienced life-disrupting trauma to recover from their limitations, to repurpose their talents and abilities to a successful life, and to reintegrate into their families, workplaces, and communities. We envision a community of active duty military, combat veterans, first responders and others who support one another as each individual moves from trauma through recovery to a productive and sustainable life.

Through exceptional horsemanship, War Horses for Veterans provides combat veterans and first responders the tools for growth personally and professionally. The combat veterans come from all over the country. The new First Responders division serves the local Kansas City departments.




Our first responders have committed to serving and protecting the community. The experiences faced in the line of duty do not stop when the shift ends.  Those experiences can follow the first responder for a lifetime. Their sacrifice is something that should be remembered and supported. 

This program is designed to equip first responders with skills for success, leadership development, and personal growth through horsemanship.


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