Wagyu Bone In Ribeye

Ribeye Wagyu Beef Breakdown

Ribeye Wagyu Beef Breakdown
Wagyu Ribeye Beef Breakdown

The Ribeye is a heavily popular and desired cut from the Rib Primal. The Rib Primal is located between ribs 6 through 12 on the animal. The Ribeye is an intensely marbled and rich flavored steak. A Ribeye is generally offered in two ways, bone-in or boneless. We think we serve it up right here at KC Cattle Company! Our American Wagyu Ribeye steaks come bone in AND are cut to approximately 1.25 inches thick! This cut is a favorite not only for it's amazing flavor, but also for it's "WOW" factor regarding size and presentation. It's one of our best sellers here at KC Cattle Company, and is sure to leave any steak lover with a full stomach and heart! In fact we have a hard time keeping these in the Butcher Shop!  

Since the Ribeye is carved from the primal section that falls between the chuck and the loin, this section naturally contains more intramuscular fat. This is the fat Wagyu is known for having excellent quality and quantities of. If you like an Angus Ribeye you'll REALLY love an American or 100% Wagyu Ribeye! The marbling and buttery umami flavor of the Ribeye creates a tender and juicy steak guaranteed to melt in your mouth when prepared properly! We highly recommend dipping your steak in the juice that drips out of our Wagyu Ribeyes!

Fun fact, the Ribeye got its name from being from the center most part of the cow, or what sometimes refer to as the "eye." Shop our Wagyu Beef Ribeye selection.

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