Wagyu Stew Meat vs. Wagyu Kabob Meat

Wagyu Stew Meat vs. Wagyu Kabob Meat

Let's breakdown the difference between Stew Meat and Kabob Meat. Although Stew and Kabob Meat appear similar, they are actually very different cuts, intended for different uses.


KC Cattle Company Kabob Meat is only cut from the Whole Tenderloin of the animal. The Whole Tenderloin is where the Filet Mignon is cut, which is the most tender cut on the animal. The Kabob meat is trimmings from the Whole Tenderloin that were not large enough to be cut into a Filet. We cut them into Kabob meat, because why waste such precious Wagyu beef! Our Kabob meat is cut into approximately  1inx1in cubes, packed into 1-pound packs. Kabob meat is perfect for grilling as steak kabobs with guaranteed tenderness in every bite! There are limited quantities of these and they often sell out quickly, so if you see them in stock, grab them before they’re gone!


KC Cattle Company Stew Meat, while cut and packed the same way as our Wagyu Kabob Meat, is an entirely different cut. Stew Meat comes from everywhere else on the animal. While you may get chunks of Stew Meat from the Ribeye or KC Strip trimmings, you are more likely to get them from the Bottom Sirloin or the Round – less tender cuts. These parts of the animal are typically cut into roasts – which means they are intended to be cooked low and slow to breakdown the tougher tendons. The chunks of stew meat are no different. While you could grill up Stew Meat as steak kabobs, they will have great flavor, but they will be tougher and chewier. We recommend throwing our Stew Meat in a crockpot or in a pot of chili or stew that cooks at a low temperature for a long period of time. I cook chili all Fall and Winter, and while I love to use our Ground Beef, Chorizo, or Bacon, I also always include one pound of our Stew Meat!      

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I am a very good cook so I would like to make this recommendation: Cut 7 bone chuck roasts into 1 & 1/2 inch chunks for stew meat. If seared and then cooked on medium low heat it is delicious! Hard to find but better flavor for stew than sirloin or esp. mixed end pieces. Hate them. The well marbled chuck pieces make a tender flavorful beef stew.. Very hard to find seven bone-in roasts anymore. Thanks, Janie

Janie Coffman

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