Veteran Made Cutting Board

Veteran Made American Flag Cutting Boards


We're honored to add Royer's Woodworking, LCC's American Flag cutting board to our Butcher Shop. Owner and former KC Cattle Company employee, David Royer, created these cutting boards to share his love for his country and also to pass it on to everyone else. David has been doing woodworking for roughly 20 years and has completed countless products. His favorite projects have always been personalized ones. David said, "being able to create a project for someone that I know will be more than just a "materialistic" piece and have meaning behind it is very fulfilling to me. I've always wanted to create a business and bring my work to as many people as possible, but as time has passed, personal experiences have widened the path I want to take. One day, I hope to be able to expand and hire other Veterans that have a passion for woodworking." 


Woodworking is more than just a hobby or job for David. It has become a therapeutic activity that brings him purpose, a challenge, life lessons and teaching opportunities to pass onto his children. After his time in the Army ended we had the honor of bringing David on as he transitioned to his next mission. We were blown away when David wrote the following when we were planning the launch of these cutting boards. "I was lucky to be taken on as part of the KC Cattle team. Words can’t describe the greatness of KC Cattle and their team. Their core values are the epitome of what I envision my business to become. Like I said previously, I’ve always wanted to start my own business. I would not have been able to make that happen if it wasn’t for Patrick and his team. Pat has provided me unbelievable support and got me going in the right direction. Kale, Tyler, and Carson are always there motivating me and lending a helping hand. Regardless of the situation, they are all willing to drop what they have going on to help their brothers and sisters in arms. They are far more than just a business; they are an enormous asset to the Veteran community. I eventually want my business to mirror the same support KC Cattle provides." While we'd argue it was our pleasure having David on the team, we're also incredibly thankful for all of our customers who have supported us because without you we would not be able to continue the mission of hiring Veterans and helping them to find their true calling post military service. 

Now let's talk about what makes Royer's Woodworking's American Flag Cutting Boards so incredible. The boards are made with FAS (premium quality) walnut & hard maple for a beautiful and rich color. Each cutting board goes through over 12 steps to make it food safe and a piece that will last for years to come. From a routed edge to catch your Wagyu juices, to a multiple step process for a smooth food safe finish, David did not miss a single step with these boards. You can read more about them here or grab one for yourself or a gift! We're incredibly honored to be offering these handmade wood cutting boards at KC Cattle Company now!

P.S You may also recognize David from his heroic acts during an active shooter situation. You can read more about his bravery here.

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