KC Restaurant Openings And Closings For January 2022

One of Kansas City’s best-loved beef growers is looking to open a restaurant in Parkville. KC Cattle Company is a veteran-owned ranch that grows wagyu cattle outside Weston. They’ve won praise for their all-beef hotdogs, which were named the best in the country in a blind taste test, and have been featured in Kansas City magazine previously. For Christmas, the KC Cattle Co. crew decided to do a pop-up steak sale in Parkville—with their eyes on a restaurant down the street. “Originally we looked to keep our headquarters in Weston, but with the way shipping hubs are set up in KC we get better shipping times being closer to the city/airport, which is crucial when shipping a perishable product,” says co-owner Patrick Montgomery. “It has been awesome—feels really good to have a physical location closer to the city!” The restaurant plans are still “up in the air,” Mongomery says, but will likely be BBQ or American cuisine. “We have plans for a really cool rooftop area,” he says. “We want the atmosphere to be accommodating to families and professionals to grab a drink or grub.” The goal is to open in late 2022 or early 2023 and the plan will also entail “purchasing a LOT more cattle in Weston.”
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