Berkshire Bacon Wrapped Poppers

Berkshire Bacon Wrapped Poppers



  1. Gather your ingredients
    berkshire bacon poppers kc cattle co
  2. Slice your jalapeños in half length wise
    kc cattle co bacon berkshire poppers
  3. Using a spoon, carve the innards of your jalapeños out. With your hands, remove the stems from your whole mushrooms
    berkshire bacon poppers kccc
  4. Fill your jalapeños and mushrooms with cream cheese
    bacon poppers kccc
  5. Dust your cream cheese with KC Cattle Co Wagyu Steak Seasoning
    berkshire bacon poppers
  6. Start wrapping your jalapenos and mushrooms in Berkshire bacon
     I like to cut my bacon in half so I have more poppers. Some larger jalapenos may need a full slice of bacon.
    berkshire bacon kc cattle co
  7. Place your poppers on a large baking sheet
    berkshire bacon poppers
  8. Place poppers in the oven at 400 for 20-30 minutes
     Halfway through, you can drain your bacon grease if desired
    berkshire bacon poppers kc cattle company
  9. After 20-30 minutes, or when the bacon is at your preferred crispiness, remove from the oven
    berkshire bacon kansas city cattle company
  10. Enjoy! Careful, your cream cheese will be HOT!
    berkshire bacon kc cattle company kccc
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