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New Wagyu Beef Butcher Shop Cuts

Every one of our cattle can be harvested and cut into all sorts of combinations of delicious Wagyu Beef. The staple cuts everyone loves like Wagyu Filets, Ribeyes, Strip Steaks and Briskets will never be left out, but there are all sorts of unique cuts many people have never heard of. These include some of our now best selling Wagyu cuts such as, Wagyu Denver Steak, Wagyu Flat Iron Steak, and Wagyu Bavette. Cook any of these up and you will sound like a meat expert at your next barbeque!

Let’s check out the new cuts in the KC Cattle Company Butcher Shop!

Beef Back Ribs

Besides our Chuck Plate Short Ribs, many people wonder why we don't carry more Beef Rib options. There are a couple of reasons why. The rib section on any breed of beef cattle is the fattiest part of the animal, and if you know anything about Wagyu, it has the highest fat content, aka marbling, out there. This combination makes the majority of our beef short ribs undesirable because they are mostly fat, but we've found another great alternative cut, Wagyu Beef Back Ribs.

Beef Back Ribs come from the Rib Roll, which is where our Bone-In Ribeyes or Prime Rib Roasts are cut. When we cut Bone-In Ribeyes, we are unable to cut Beef Back Ribs too since they come from the same part of the cow. However, if we cut Boneless Ribeyes instead, it gives us the opportunity to cut Beef Back Ribs. While these ribs may be slightly less meaty than our Chuck Plate Short Ribs, the flavor and meat quality is incredible! They are cut into 8-10” racks and are perfect to cook low and slow on your smoker.

Boneless Ribeye

Packed with the same exact flavor and tenderness as our Bone-In Ribeye, only without the bone! These Boneless Wagyu Ribeyes are cut 1 & ¼” thick and are trimmed ready to be salted and thrown right on the grill or your cast-iron without worrying about trimming or biting into the bone. Everyone has a preference on how they like their ribeye, so this one is for the boneless crowd!

Boneless Short Ribs

Also known as a Chuck Flap, Chuck Flat, or Edge Roast, our new Boneless Wagyu Short Ribs come from the same section of the animal as our Denver Steaks and Boneless Chuck Roast. If you’ve tried either of these cuts, you’ll know these Boneless Short Ribs are going to be packed with flavor, meatiness and tenderness. Smoke them, braise them, or slow cook and shred them – you can’t go wrong!

“End Cut” KC Strip Steak

Sometimes referred to as the NY Strip, the KC Strip is one of the most popular cuts of steak out there. Many people don’t know that about 25% of the Striploin has a long piece of connective tissue running through it. We typically leave this section whole and sell it as a Manhattan Roast. In lower quality beef, this connective tissue is tough and does not break down when cooked. With our quality of beef, it is not nearly as noticeable and you can find yourself getting all of the same flavor and tenderness of a Wagyu KC Strip, at 30% off!

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