Wagyu Denver Steak Beef Breakdown

Kaleigh Montgomery
KC Cattle Company

Wagyu Denver Steak Beef Breakdown

wagyu denver steak

You may be wondering, "what is a Denver Steak?" The Denver Steak cut comes from the ⁠center of the Chuck Under Blade, and is in fact sometimes referred to as the Chuck Under Blade Center Steak or the Zabuton. That's a mouthful though so we'll refer to it as the Denver Steak.

Denver Steak comes from the area of the cow referred to as the chuck subprimal, which is known for its rich, beefy-flavored cuts. The cuts from this region, including the Denver Steak, aren't ones you may think of as "grilling steaks," but they make a delicious steak dinner! Our Wagyu Denver Steaks are EXTREMELY tender with an INSANE amount of marbling and flavor. Do you see the marbling on the picture above?! Hello beautiful, get in my belly! Give our American Wagyu Denver Steaks a try here

Not sure how to cook it up? Check out this video for one of the methods we prefer! 

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