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Cast Iron Steak Cooking (VIDEO)

During these cold months, people still crave a delicious Wagyu steak. Cooking it on a cast iron is a great remedy to chilly outdoor weather and can turn out an equally (if not better!) product. Chef Nick Martinkovic, from Noah's Cupboard, gives us the low down on how to accomplish this.




  • Do not pepper your steak before contact with your cast iron
  • Remove steak from fridge 1 h - 30 m before cooking
  • Cover steak in Kosher or Sea Salt when removed from the fridge
  • Allow your cast iron to get really hot before the first contact with the steak (should be smoking)
  • Respect first contact with the cast iron for 45 s - 1 minute
  • Use 321 degrees Fahrenheit for oven temperature
  • Allow steak to rest for 10 m after cooking

Salsa Verde

In a blender combine all ingredients. Quickly puree, then mix in remaining ingredients. Make ahead of time for your steak enhancing pleasure. Sauce lasts for up to a week in the fridge.

Nick is an experienced chef and owner of Noah's Cupboard, located in downtown Weston, Missouri.

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