Wagyu Tri TIp

Wagyu Tri Tip Beef Breakdown

Tri Tip Breakdown
Wagyu Tri Trip Breakdown
Many avid BBQ Smokers are big fans of the Tri Tip Roast. Others of you may be wondering, "what is a Tri Tip Roast?" Our Wagyu Tri Tip is one of our most heavily sought after cuts. We struggle to keep it in stock, and when we put beef in inventory they seem to fly out of the freezer. It's a fan favorite due to it's intense flavor profile and tenderness. Fun fact: We only get TWO Tri Tips per animal, so if you want to try one. Grab one in the Butcher Shop
The Tri Tip is also referred to as the "Triangle Steak", "California Cut" or the "Santa Maria Steak" and is a big part of Santa Maria Style Barbecue. The Tri Tip comes from the Sirloin Primal, which is cut from the Bottom Sirloin. Coming from the back half of the cow where muscles get frequently used this is a leaner cut, but also one that boasts a good amount of fat giving it a beefy and tender flavor profile. 

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