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Berkshire Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Traditional burnt ends come from the "point" of a whole brisket. These Berkshire Pork Belly Burnt ends give our Wagyu Brisket Burnt Ends a run for their money for half the price and a third of the smoking time! Perfect for an appetizer to impress guests, or to make into a meal for the family.



  • Gather your ingredients
    berkshire pork belly kc cattle company
  • Cut your pork belly up into 1 - 1 & 1/2 inch cubes. Toss in a mixing bowl with olive oil
     The olive oil will help your rub stick to the burnt ends so make sure you use enough!
    kccc berkshire pork belly burnt ends
  • Combine your KCCC seasoning, bourbon smoked salt, brown sugar, black pepper and chili powder in a small mixing bowl
    kc cattle co berkshire pork belly burnt ends
  • Roll your oiled pork belly cubes in your rub (similar to how you would a Snickerdoodle cookie) and place off to the side on a plate or tray
    berkshire pork belly burnt ends kc cattle co
  • Place your seasoned pork belly cubes on your smoker spaced apart at 250
     We placed ours on a smaller, upper rack from the smoker to separate from the main grate, but you can place yours on a wire cooling/baking rack, or right on the grates
    kccc pork belly berkshire
  • Take a moment and just appreciate how delicious these are going to be
    kansas city cattle co pork belly burnt ends berkshire pork
  • Smoke for 2 & 1/2 hours at 250 or until they achieve a nice red bark
    kc cattle co pork belly burnt ends
  • Time to make your sauce! Combine your KCCC BBQ Sauce, honey and melted butter in a dish
    kc cattle co bbq sauce
  • Toss your burnt ends in the sauce to give them an even coat and place in an aluminum pan
    kccc pork belly berkshire burnt ends
  • Cover and return to smoker for an additional hour
  • Uncover and smoke for 15-30 more minutes to set the sauce
    kccc pork belly berkshire pork burnt ends
  • Take another moment to admire them
    kc cattle company berkshire pork belly burnt ends
  • Enjoy!
    kansas city cattle company berkshire pork belly burnt ends
Tyler Hines is KC Cattle Company Vice President of Operations

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