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Wagyu Steak and Hummus



Start by heating your grill and seasoning your wagyu filet mignon with salt and pepper or your favorite rub. Grill to your internal temperature liking. While the steak is grilling, drain the juice from one can of chick peas but leave the juice in the second. Add both cans to a blender, then add your garlic, tahini paste, juice of the lemon, salt, pepper (to taste) and start to blend. As it’s blending, slowly drizzle in your olive oil until you have a nice, creamy consistency.

Mix your diced cucumber, tomato and parsley and squeeze in the juice of half of a lemon and season with salt to taste.

Once your steak is finished cooking to your liking, cut it into bite sized cubes.

To assemble, place your hummus in a bowl and top with tomato mixture then steak.

Chef Mike Castaneda is ranked one of the Top 10 cooks in America by Food Network and placed Top 10 in the World Food Championships. Mike also served 5 years in the Army as a Short Range Air Defenseman.

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