8 Wagyu Beef Cuts to Enjoy this Valentine's Day

8 Wagyu Beef Cuts to Enjoy this Valentine's Day

Looking to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day in? We highly recommend adding Wagyu beef to your menu. Grab your favorite adult beverage, a delicious side and something sweet for dessert and you are set! We'd bet on it being your most low key, but best Valentine's Day yet.

1. Tried and true, a Wagyu Filet never disappoints... especially on Valentine's Day! 

2. Celebrating with friends? We suggest a Wagyu Sirloin Cap Roast, which can be cut into Picanha steaks. These are a favorite with the Wagyu Warriors. 

3.  Looking to surprise a hearty steak lover? You can't go wrong with a bone-in Wagyu Ribeye

4. Wanting to try a new cut? Grab a Wagyu Bavette! These are similar to a Flank Steak, but are thicker cut with a beefier flavor. It might just turn into one of your favorites! 

5. A Kansas City staple, the KC Strip Steak is always a good choice for a romantic dinner in. 

6.  Want to branch out from the typical go to steak options? Give the Wagyu Denver Steak a try this Valentine's Day! Do you see that marbling?!

7. Don't underestimate a good ole' Wagyu Sirloin Steak this year! 

 8. Last, but not least...well the maybe the least expensive option, but don't let the price tag fool you! Our Wagyu Chuck Eyes are a deliciously tender steak option! 

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I say filet and brevette

Erik bayer

I’m thinking the KC Strip and a Denver. Don’t want to full of a belly for the bow chicka wow wow later that night.

James Turney

I’m thinking the bone in rib-eye and the filet!!

Robert Nelson

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