Eye of Round Wagyu Beef Breakdown

Kaleigh Montgomery
KC Cattle Company
Beef Breakdown Lesson Wagyu Eye of Round Roast
KC Cattle Company Wagyu Eye of Round Roast

The Eye of Round Roast is cut from an elongated muscle in the center, aka the "eye" of the Round Primal. The Round Primal is home to several lean cuts on beef cattle. Our Wagyu Eye of Round is the closet thing we sell to what some may call a "rump roast." Both cuts are leaner due to coming from the hindquarter of the cow which gets a lot of movement. This makes the cuts from this region of cattle leaner and slightly less tender than say a steak, but you have to remember this is Wagyu, so it will still have the tenderness and taste Wagyu is known for.

The Eye of Round Roast is perfect for marinating, roasting, and thinly slicing for homemade roast beef. Fun fact this lean, flavorful cut is often used for roast beef at the deli.

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